Surrounded By Love
A couple months ago, I posted a photo of me and the boys...we were snuggled up on our big, cozy chair, smiling, laughing and laying on top of each other....cause we were in the chair, per usual, not on the huge couch.ūüėā¬†‚Ā£
Anyways, someone commented on the photo and said ‚Äúyou are surrounded by love.‚ÄĚ When I read the comment, it hit me hard and stopped me in my tracks. Cause it was true. And those words had never crossed my mind for some reason....I am surrounded by love.‚Ā£
Ever since that day, I tell myself that every single day. I remind myself of that, cause these kids love me on my worst days, on my best days, in my PJs, after I yell at them, when I kiss them, when we‚Äôre laughing or playing or even in the hard moments of doesn‚Äôt matter....they‚Äôre always loving me. And I‚Äôm always loving them. The unconditional type of love. ‚Ā£
So if you‚Äôre having a tough day today, I hope this reminder brings you some enlightenment too. You are surrounded by love, my friend. Just look around.‚ô•ÔłŹ‚Ā£
PS...keep an eye out in the shop cause I have a similar product releasing for Valentine‚Äôs Day....and you might also be able get it FREE.ūüėČ

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