Thank you for being here!ūüĖ§

The Made For Mama Shop is an idea I tossed around {in my head} for 3 years...since my youngest son was a newborn, and I’m so excited that my vision has come alive and that you’re here with me!
I have a love for coffee...the smell, the taste, the warmness, how cozy and comfy it makes me feel...and there‚Äôs nothing like sipping my fresh, hot¬†coffee from a cute ‚Äėfeel-good‚Äô mug.‚Ā£ One that makes me smile as I‚Äôm getting breakfast ready for the kiddos. That‚Äôs how this all started, and it‚Äôs evolved into so much more now.

All products are hand lettered by Mindy, and each one of them has special meaning and most have a story behind them. We all know that motherhood isn’t always a walk in the park.....there’s hard days, challenging times and a lot of happy little moments in between, and my hope is that the goods in our shop will bring more happiness into your hearts and homes.

This shop was created for help you wake up in love every day, live in gratitude, be your best for your little humans and so you know you’re not alone in the journey of motherhood. It’s not easy, but together, we are stronger.

Thanks for the love and support, always friend!ūüíē

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