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“Affirmation Cards For Mama” 

The way you start your morning can set the tone for your entire day. That's why we've designed these beautiful, handlettered, positive affirmation cards to add to your morning routine.

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee in a big, cozy mug, get comfy in a blanket, and pull out these cards...you'll instantly be reminded of how amazing you are and how much love you are surrounded by. 

This set of 10 cards make great gifts, combined with our journals, and can also be posted in your office space, on your fridge, or on your bathroom mirror for a positive pick-me-up at any moment of your day. 


All of our products are branded with our 'happy hearts'...the three happy hearts have a lot of meaning behind them, but mostly love and happiness. Our mission is to bring happiness to your heart every time you see them. Once you receive your beautiful cards, I’d love to see you helping us spread the happiness! Tag us on Instagram- @madeformamashop and use hashtag #happyhearts and your photo could be featured!

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