The only thing that could be better than wrapping your hands around one of our cozy mugs is a delicious, flavorful coffee. This gourmet coffee is locally roasted and brews to cozy perfection! Grab one of these 1/2 lb bags to go with your mug or complete a gift!

There are five delicious flavors to choose from: 

Almond Joy
Tasting Notes: chocolate, coconut, almond...it will satisfy any sweet tooth and melt in your mouth.

Graham Cracker
Tasting Notes: spices, brown sugar, honey...tastes like summer s'more-making by the campfire. 

Banana Hazelnut
Tasting Notes: banana, hazelnut...it will take you back to your grandmother's kitchen, right after she took that warm banana bread out of the oven.

Danish Pastry 
Tasting Notes: spices, brown sugar, citrus, cinnamon...your mouth will water, as you are reminded of your favorite buttery, sweet crumb cakes.

Blueberry Cobbler 
Tasting Notes: blueberry, cinnamon, vanilla...tastes like fresh blueberry cobbler straight from the oven.

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