Gratitude Journal - Made For Mama

Some mornings can start out chaotic, especially when you're in the thick of motherhood....but if you can wake up, start the day with gratitude and positive thinking, you can turn your morning around and start the day with a happy heart. That's what our journals are intended to do for you.

This journal has four prompts...a gratitude list, positive affirmations, moments you want to remember, and a blank section for brainstorming, journaling or a to-do list.

With the guided prompts, you’ll be sure to start to your day with a happy, clear and confident heart.


*All of our products are branded with our 'happy hearts'...the three happy hearts have a lot of meaning behind them, but mostly love and happiness. Our mission is to bring happiness to your heart every time you see them. Once you receive your beautiful journal, I’d love to see you helping us spread the happiness! Tag us on Instagram- @madeformamashop and your photo could be featured!