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Hydrate Like a Mother | 40 oz Tumbler

Hydrate Like a Mother | 40 oz Tumbler

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Meet your new hydration sidekick: our Hydrate Like a Mother 40 oz Tumbler, here to make your summer sips a breeze. Crafted for real-life, this tumbler is like your trusty summer buddy, always there to keep you cool and hydrated, no matter where the day takes you.

Picture this: you, cruising down the road with the sun kissing your cheeks, your kiddos giggling in the backseat, and this trusty tumbler by your side, filled to the brim with your favorite icy beverage. Sound dreamy? That's because it is.

With its double wall stainless steel construction and copper vacuum insulation, it's practically a heatwave-defying superhero.  Oh, and did we mention the handle? It's like a friendly high-five, making it a breeze to tote around. Plus, it fits snug in cup holders, so you can stay hands-free on those epic road trips or stroller walks.

If it reminds you of a certain favorite big-name tumbler (you know the ones we're talking about), you're spot on. But hey, we like to think ours brings that same summer vibe with an extra sprinkle of fun!

So, here's to soaking up the sun, chasing little ones, and staying hydrated like a mother! 

Material: Powder coated | Color: Pink | Imprint Color: Silver - Laser Etched | Volume: 40 oz | Hand Wash Only

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