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Boho Hair Tie Bracelets

Boho Hair Tie Bracelets

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Introducing our Boho Hair Tie Bracelets – the ultimate fusion of fashion and function!  This trendy accessory doubles as a chic bracelet and a reliable hair tie, so you never have to compromise on style or practicality again.

Available in a stunning array of colors and styles, it's the perfect companion for any occasion. Plus, crafted from soft elastic, it keeps your hair looking flawless without any damage. Say goodbye to boring hair ties and hello to effortless elegance with our Boho Hair Tie Bracelets. Your hair will love you for it!

Boho Hair Tie Bracelet Features:

Hair Ties Per Pack - 12 

Variety of Styles - every pack contains a variety of distinct styles, ensuring you can flaunt a fresh look every day.

Durable - Keeps its shape over time, making it one of the most durable hair ties.

Tangle-Free - Our innovative design and fabric prevent tangles and hair pulling.

Protects Against Damage - The gentle elastic material is kind to your hair.

Prevents Hair Creasing - Wear these hair tie bracelets all day without worrying about creasing your hair!

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