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Mango + Coconut Milk | Whiskey Glass Soy Candle

Mango + Coconut Milk | Whiskey Glass Soy Candle

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Escape to your own little paradise with our Mango + Coconut Milk Whiskey Glass Soy Candle. Picture yourself lounging in the sun, surrounded by the delightful scent of fresh mango and creamy coconut milk—it's like a mini vacation for your senses!

Imagine slicing into a juicy mango, with the sweet aroma filling the air, and mixing it with the comforting creaminess of coconut milk. That's what you get with every burn of this candle. And there's more - the tangy notes of pineapple and orange add a zesty kick, while a touch of peach rounds out the fruity blend.

We've poured this tropical treasure into a sturdy double old fashioned whiskey glass, giving you a generous 9 oz candle that burns for up to 60 hours. And when it's all used up, simply wash out the glass with hot, soapy water and give it a new life—because who doesn't love a good upcycling project?

So go ahead, treat yourself to a little piece of paradise. It's like a vacation in a jar, perfect for any busy mom looking to unwind and escape, even if just for a moment.

Our candles are made with no toxic dyes or inks, phthalates free, BPA free, and contain no sulfates.

Dimensions: 3.5" Height, 3.06” Diameter. Weight: 0.6 lb / 9 oz.

Our Candle Tips:

  • Maintain your wick – Your wick should be only 1/4" long every time you light your candle
  • Create a large melt pool – Soy wax is considered "memory wax" and will only burn enough around as per the first time you light your candle. So, make sure the first time you light your candle you don't blow it out until there is a significant melting pool diameter. If you do not, your melt pool will never go past the diameter of the first burn and can cause your candle wick to "drown" and no longer light. To accomplish this, we recommend burning your candle for a minimum of one hour during it's initial lighting.
  • Be cautious – Never burn your candle in an unattended area. Keep away from items that can catch fire. Do not burn for more than four hours at a time. Candle jar WILL get hot, be careful when touching. Keep away from children and animals.
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